10 Cool Facts About R-32 to Keep You Cool

For the past few years, regulations surrounding the use of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants) have transformed the atmosphere for air conditioning systems. The state of California took the early lead, passing the California Cooling Act in 2018 that adopted restrictions for certain refrigeration purposes. Additional regulations were proposed that adopted the use of  “GWP”  or Global Warming Potential ratings for air conditioners.

In 2020, the AIM (American Innovation & Manufacturing) Act was passed, allowing the phase-out of HFCs on the federal level and restricting HFCs in air conditioners and other equipment. The AIM Act also gave the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) authorization to set the standards for HFC management.

The benefits of using R-32 refrigerant have gone beyond just helping the environment. 

Here are 10 things you should know about R-32 to make more informed decisions when shopping for your next air conditioning system.

1.  R-32, also known as HFC-32, is an organic hydrofluorocarbon compound with the formula CH₂F₂. It’s a colorless odorless, mildly flammable gas which is insoluble in water.

2. R-32 replaces R-22 Freon and R-410A Puron Blend. Since 2020, only recovered, recycled, or reclaimed supplies of R-22 have been available, or legal to import.

3. R-32 has a low GWP refrigerant rating of 675, two-thirds lower than its predecessor R-410. 

4. R-32 already makes up 17% of the GWP of R404A which is common in refrigeration.

5. R-32 already makes up 32% of the GWP of R410A in air conditioning.

6. In Japan alone, over 10 million R-32 air conditioning units have been installed. Daikin, the pioneer of the switch to R-32 in air conditioners, estimates there are more than 10 million R-32 units functioning worldwide.

7. R-32 air conditioning systems use up to 20% less refrigerant than R-410A equivalents making them more efficient which translates to lower carbon emissions and lower energy costs.

8. R-32 also contributes to lowering a building’s carbon footprint which is why it’s the ideal solution for many buildings and businesses requiring air conditioning.

9. R-32 has zero ozone depletion potential and is easy to recycle.

10. R-32 is expected to quickly become the standard refrigerant for split type air conditioning systems.

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