7 “Get Ready” Tips for the Fall & Winter Road Ahead

Mother Nature makes for a wonderful traffic signal around this  time of the year. The changing colors of Fall leaves, from green to yellow to red, remind us to “Yield” and “Stop” before navigating old roads and crossing the intersection between Summer and Winter months.
To avoid any unnecessary roadblocks, soft shoulders, or falling rocks ahead, here are seven things  to tackle right now to make sure you stay on track for the challenges ahead.
Inspect Rooftop AC Units, Gutters and Vents

Remove leaves, debris and obstructions now to leave room for melting snow and ice drainage later.

Clean Around Outdoor HVAC Units

Keep at least 2-3 feet of space clear in the areas surrounding them.

Turn on Your Heater/Furnace

You’ll know immediately if there’s a problem. If you wait until the first freeze you could be in for a chilly interruption.
Take Care of Insulation Issues 

Exposed pipes should be wrapped to protect them from freezing weather. You don’t want to be squeezing into a crawl space in the dead of winter.

Have Chimneys and Flues Checked & Cleaned

If your house has chimneys, flues, vents or wood burning stoves, it’s critical to have them cleaned and serviced every year. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that more than 20,000 residential fires per year can be traced back to unchecked fireplaces and chimneys.

Inspect All Alarms

The change of seasons can be risky for both fires and carbon monoxide. Now is the time to change the batteries in all of your detectors and alarms.

Safeguard Your Power Protection
Finally if you work from home, full or part time, and use the Internet for streaming or to augment Wi-Fi calling or cellular communication, the security of knowing you’re prepared for the inevitable Northwest power outage is priceless. Fortunately, today’s line of automatic, standby generators are available at attractive prices. Ask your Quality Heating advisor for a free, custom evaluation.  [QHEAC]

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