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Adam Derr Helms Quality Heating as
New General Manager

SILVERDALE, WA, UNITED STATES, — With a new team, a new outlook and a new sense of purpose, Adam Derr has been appointed the new General Manager of Quality Heating, Electrical & Air Conditioning, the Olympic Peninsula’s oldest and most innovative HVAC organization. 

“To say that this is a pivotal time for HVAC in our community is an understatement,” remarked Derr. “With new AC standards like the next-gen, R-32 refrigerant, emerging product categories like VRF/VRV, multi-split ductless systems, geothermal, tankless and more, Quality Heating is positioning its HVAC capabilities for the ‘Smart Home’ of tomorrow. This includes new remote control technologies accessed over the ‘IoT’ (the ‘Internet of Things’) via connected devices.”

Adam feels a profound sense of purpose for Quality’s new direction. “‘Climate change’ is more than just a catch phrase. It’s a vivid reality that is impacting every product line and every homeowner and business we serve. One of the ways we think about it is that climate change begins at home. Each of us has the ability to create our own ecosystem that is as efficient and eco-smart as we choose.”

Quality Heating has experienced high demand for such energy efficient products as inverter heat pump systems that provide both increased heating and air conditioning comfort but significantly lower energy and utility bills for the homeowner. “We need to do our part in helping our state meet the very aggressive lower carbon emission standards that they are putting in place” said Derr.

Quality CEO and co-founder, Scott Park, concurs. “Adam’s breadth of knowledge in this area will set us apart as the region’s HVAC leader. The return on investment for these products is rapidly accelerating to the point where the economic value makes the most sense for our customers,” said Park.

To Adam, the HVAC community has always felt like family since he helped manage his own family’s HVAC company in Southern Indiana before relocating to Kitsap County in 2003. HIs specialities have included geothermal, radiant heating, ductless systems and high velocity, on demand water heaters. A graduate of the University of Evansville, Adam received an MBA degree from the University of Southern Indiana. He co-authored an Internet White paper on HVAC in the electronic commerce era.

With Quality, he inherits a broad service capability with a large mobile fleet, and the capital foundation to make the necessary investments in talent and technology. 

Quality has adopted the lovable Koala Bear as a symbolic company mascot and is emphasizing “KOALA-TY HVAC” service and solutions. “The ‘Koala-ty’ theme not only rhymes with our “‘Quali-ty,’ name,” said Adam, “it also represents the concept of environmental sustainability for the world we share as well as the ‘creature comforts’ that go along with creating the right atmosphere at home.”

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