Honoring America on July 4th — and National Air Conditioning Day on July 17th

America celebrates its independence as a nation every summer on July 4th, a momentous and historic day of patriotic celebration. Did you know that both the U.S.A. and the country of Australia (home to our friendly “Quality Koala”), declared their independence from Great Britain? Today all three countries proudly stand together as friendly allies that span three continents. 

Another historic day to celebrate in July is the 17th — National Air Conditioning Day.

It was on this warm summer day in 1902 that inspiration struck Willis Carrier, and modern air conditioning was invented right here in America. The concept of air conditioning would quickly evolve to transform the places where people could comfortably live and work. 

 To truly appreciate the miracle of modern air conditioning, you have only to turn off your AC on a steamy summer day for several hours. On average, your AC unit can bring the indoor temperature down to around 15°F lower than whatever the reading is outside. With an optimized setup, you may be able to bring the temperature down by 20° to 25°F, but if it’s 110°F outside, you might still be feeling a little sweaty.

On this red-white-&-blue weekend, your neighborhood Quality Heating & Cooling team of especially well koala-fied HVAC professionals want to wish you and yours a very cool and enjoyable Fourth of July.  

If we can help to make your home even more comfortable during the summer months ahead, please give us a call, and check out our air conditioning product carousel and video including the remarkable, new Daikin zonal systems with R-32 refrigerant for single or multi-zone temperature control all year-round.

Happy Birthday America! [QHEAC]

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