How to Battle COVID with Infrared Light, LEDs and Ions

In the war on Covid-19 and other airborne contagions and contaminants that threaten the health of so many in the home or workplace, the latest HVAC innovations are just a few clicks away.

Our free, download library of Indoor Air Quality user manuals is illuminating how products like the Reme-Halo, Aerus Air Scrubber  and iWave ionizer  are putting HVAC technology breakthroughs front and center. These whole house air purifiers deploy ion, infrared and LED technologies to neutralize the hazardous pathogens that target young and old alike.

Medically, the Needlepoint Bi-polar Ionization, or “NPBI,” built into the iWave technology by Nu-Calgon has been effectively used against COVID-19, norovirus, and the flu, removing bacteria, pollen, viruses, and mold, and can be used for pathogen control and particle reduction. As a bonus, it also neutralizes volatile organic compounds, odors, and allergy-causing dander. And it uses your existing home HVAC system as the delivery method.

In laboratory testing, 84.2% of the Covid virus was inactivated in 20 minutes, and at 15 minutes 92.6% of the virus was inactivated. Ions are air scrubbers that are naturally present in the environment around us.

The Reme-Halo Air Purifier is another technology using infrared or LED light that has been tested on COVID-19 and found to be 99.9% effective at neutralizing the virus. 

The ActivePure® technology of the Aerus Air Scrubber was developed for use in space exploration and is in the Space Technology Hall of Fame. Active Purifiers reduce contaminants in the air without needing to first draw the air through their mechanism. Using your HVAC fan, they send ions out into the air and go direct to the contaminants rather than waiting for contaminants to come to them. 

“In the HVAC world, knowledge is power as well as heat, cold, and indoor air purification,” said Scott H. Park who founded Quality Heating on the Olympic Peninsula 28-years ago.  “It’s more important than ever that today’s consumers understand the choices for improving the air they breathe. We can affect climate change in our homes, and in the world, if we have the right information at our fingertips.”

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