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Quality Heating Makes Winter Bearable,
“Koala-fies” Smart Ways to Stay Warm.
Just “Chew the Green.”


Silverdale, Wa — Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest is usually as predictable as the rain in December. What is far less expected are the record-breaking highs and lows that have occurred over the last 12 months. In one day last February,  the Puget Sound  recorded the most snowfall seen in 52 years (dubbed “Snowmaggedon”). In July, the hottest days ever seen in the region were recorded. Can we grin and bear it?

When it’s wintertime in Seattle, it’s summertime “down under” in the land of Australia, home of the lovable Koala Bear.  Who better than the cuddly Koala to symbolize year-round, all-season weather solutions? “Koala-ty Tips” is the theme of a new educational campaign from Quality Heating nicknamed “Chew the Green!”

“Our message is safety at home, first and foremost,” explained Scott Park, president of Quality Heating, Electrical and Air Conditioning , a Northwest heating and cooling company with one of the largest mobile service fleets on the Olympic Peninsula.  “The Koala is a reminder to ‘Chew the Green,’ meaning think of how you can make your environment more habitable.”

Instead of chewing the Koala’s favorite eucalyptus leaves, Northwest consumers can “chew over” these green tips:

To Stay Warm in Winter:

  • Dress in layers. Insulate your body with long undies, a snug undergarment, a sweater, jacket and other outerwear, indoors and outside.
  • Drink warm beverages. Keep coffee, tea, cider, hot cocoa, or your other favorite warm drinks on hand for when you’re feeling cold.
  • Upgrade your thermostat. Sleep experts suggest that 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for sound sleep. With a smart, digital thermostat you can control from your smartphone, without getting out of bed, you can program your ducted or ductless heating to stay at that temperature while you are under the covers, then set your desired daytime temp when you awake.
  •  Reverse the ceiling fan. Once the winter months roll around, it’s time to reverse your fan’s rotation to clockwise. (Most ceiling fans have a switch on the fan’s base that sets the rotational direction.) That way, the fan’s blades will pull warmer air from the ceiling and push it lower into the room—right where you need it.
  • Install radiant below-surface hearing. The purpose of a radiant heating system is to emit warmth directly upward into a floor, making it toasty beneath your feet. That heat also rises up into the rest of the room, efficiently controlling the temperature of the space.

To Play it Cool:

    • To keep cool, leave your windows and doors closed when the air conditioning is running  Open your windows at night to cool your home off then close them in the morning before it starts to warm up and set your air conditioning system to come on before it starts to warm up
    • Adjust window blinds to let in daylight and capture or block  heat from direct sunlight
    • To conserve energy, turn off unnecessary lighting in your home and office.
    • Put your computer to sleep and turn off  monitors when not in use
    • Place your printers into low-power mode when not in use.
    • Use the microwave instead of the stove.
    • Drink plenty of fluids during the day and even take a tepid (cool shower to cool yourself off).

Celebrating 27-years of service to communities on the Olympic Peninsula from Bainbridge Island to Gig Harbor, Wa., the company founded as Quality Heating Electrical and Air Conditioning has helped homeowners and businesses discover new climate control solutions. Things like ductless air conditioners, heat pumps with energy efficient air handlers and whole home air conditioning.  Their NATE-certified technicians help implement these solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Quality is giving away plush, stuffed Koala Bear animals as a reminder to both “”chew the green” and “grin and bear it” amidst these unusual, unbearable temps. The company has even added a Koala Chatbot to its new Website that allows visitors to text chat with a friendly “Koala-fied” representative for heating and cooling solutions.

For more information, contact:

Scott Park, President
Tori Conklin, Marketing
Email: Tori@ad.heatingwithquality.com
(360) 613-5614

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