Air Conditioning

Daikin Atmosphera R-32
• Spot Cooling and Heating with reduced operating costs
• The first R-32 single zone, ductless unit in North America
• Up to 27.4 SEER, 13.8 HSPF for ultra-efficiency
• Lower GWP Refrigerant for reduced emissions
Iconic Quality. Legendary Efficiency.
• Lower Cost of Ownership
• Up to 15 SEER
• CPC-Free, R-410A Refrigerant
• 10-Year Compressor, 10-Year Parts
The World Series of Air Conditioners
• Split System Flexibility
• Rugged Reliability, Robust Technology
• Space and Budget Friendly
• Industry’s Longest Warranty
Daikin VRV for Versatility and Control
• Leading-edge Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology
• Simultaneous Heating and Cooling by Zone
• Federal Energy Tax Credits for over 20 systems
• LEED-cerified and Net Zero Energy Compliant

From state-of-the-art technology to advance-the-art “tech-knowledgy” your friendly, neighborhood AC experts at Quality Heating are not only setting the standard for air conditioning comfort across the Olympic Peninsula, but far exceeding it.

The revolutionary Daikin Atmosphera Ductless System using low emission, ultra-efficient R-32 refrigerant, achieves lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to conventional refrigerants to meet the highest SEER and HSPF properties in Daikin’s history.

Atmosphera is the ideal spot cooling solution for primary living areas (for example, master bedrooms and living rooms), hot or cold rooms or rooms with poor air flow.

Coleman has a 100-year head start on tomorrow as the company with the  longest-warrantied performance standard for AC reliability.
The widely acclaimed Coleman® LX Series Split System Air Conditioners helped make Coleman the #1 HVAC company in the world as scored by Forbes. No other systems offer the level of protection from outdoor exposure than Coleman’s MicroChannel Coils and Compressors or offer a quieter, direct-drive fan design to minimize vibration and wear.

Daikin invented the Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology that is revolutionizing the HVAC market. VRV technology delivers individualized comfort control throughout your home or workplace with substantial savings over typical “on/off” systems.

Breakthrough innovations such as VRV Heat Recovery enhance comfort and versatility even further, providing simultaneous heating and cooling in different zones from one system, and heat recovery from one zone to another, essentially providing “free heat.”

"The Atmosphera from Daikin North America LLC is a single zone system that boasts impressive efficiencies over the R410A LV series it replaces – up to 27.4 SEER, 13.8 HSPF and 16.3 EER. Four sizes of indoor and outdoor heat pumps are available, from 9,000 to 24,000Btu. Daikin has sold over 33 million R32 systems in more than 100 countries and regions. With an estimated 160 million R32 systems sold by Daikin combined with other manufacturers worldwide, the R32 has the all-around performance benefits to make it the ideal replacement for R410A.”
— The Cooling Post
""One technology that is creeping up as a technological standard in AC units is something known as VRF (or VRV) technology. VRF/VRV stand for Variable Refrigerant Flow or Variable Refrigerant Volume. VRF is designed to reduce power consumption and increase AC efficiency. VRF allows for a single outdoor unit to control several indoor handlers at different levels. You have more control over your home’s temperature.”"
— HVAC Training101

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