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The Benefits of Gas Piping
• Convenience. Natural gas furnaces distribute heat more evenly than electric heating.
• Comfort. Delivers air faster and warmer than electric heat.
• Added Value. Save money. Add appeal.
• Call Quality Heating for a free consultation.
Gas lines are a vital part of your home energy ecosystem, powering your stove, fireplace, water heater, furnace, and other appliances that use natural gas. Nothing lasts forever – over time gas lines can become corroded. A leaky water line is annoying. A leaky gas line is dangerous. If you experience natural gas smells around your home you may have a serious problem. When your gas line needs repair, call Quality Heating to get an expert on your job immediately.

Depending on the project, locating outside gas lines is an important first step/ Quality Heating professionals will walk you through every step so that, no matter your project, you can have the confidence it is done right.

  • • Obtaining a permit.
  • • Locating your gas line.
  • • Properly sizing your gas line.
  • • Determining what type of materials to use.
  • • Extending the gas pipe.
  • • Installing gas valves.
  • • Testing for leaks.

How You Benefit by Adding Gas Piping 

• Convenience

Natural gas furnaces distribute heat more evenly than electric heating. And natural gas water heaters heat up to 40 percent faster than electric models.

Natural gas furnaces distribute heat more evenly than electric heating. And natural gas water heaters heat up to 40 percent faster than electric models.

• Comfort

Natural gas heating delivers air faster and warmer than electric heat. A sealed natural gas fireplace can warm a room much faster than a wood-burning fireplace.

•  Added Value

High-efficiency gas appliances save you money and offer more appeal to prospective buyers.

Quality Heating experts will walk you through the simple process for your project according to your needs:

Converting to Gas
Converting your existing furnace to run on gas.

Converting from Propane
We can convert your BBQ grill or furnace from propane to natural gas.

Adding Safety Features
Need a gas line repaired or an earthquake shutoff valve installed? We can do that.

Changing the location of your existing gas line

"Your choice between a gas or electric stove and oven will depend on how picky you are about your cooking and which type is more convenient for you. Gas: If you want a stove or oven with a long life, gas is the way to go. Gas cooking appliances have fewer parts and are easier to maintain. Gas stovetops are also preferred by chefs because they heat faster and more evenly than electric, so you can sauté your food to perfection."
Gas vs. Electric Appliances
Consumer Affairs
""The good news is that natural gas is often cheaper than electricity for running appliances and better for the environment than oil, so you're likely to recoup whatever you pay for the line's installation before too long. Plus, you'll sleep soundly knowing that you and your family are safe.”"
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