Whole House Generators

A Lifeline to Affordable Power
• Lowest cost, automatic standby alternative.
• Protect your home's most essential circuits.
• Engineered and built in the USA.
• Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring
The Guardian of the Whole House
• A big deal in a small package.
• Largest air-cooled generator on the market.
• Save up to $8,000 in product and installation costs.
• Engineered and built in the USA.
Protector Series Packs Extra Power
• Automatic backup power for large or custom homes.
• Best liquid-cooled engine packs more power in a smaller footprint.
• Intuitive controls. Quiet operation..
• Engineered and built in the USA.
Code-Ready, Always-Ready Protection
• Raises the bar for residential and light commercial diesel generators
• Next generation of intuitive controllers.
• Mobile Link™ Connectivity .
• Extended full load runtime of 2+ days.
Precision Power, Remote Connection
• Natural Gas or Liquid Propane fueled.
• Quiet WhisperCheck™ Self-Testing.
• Mobile Link™ Remote Connectivity. .
• Generac's G-Force Engine.

On the  Olympic Peninsula, from Bainbridge Island to Gig Harbor, all the conveniences of Pacific Northwest living – heat, central air, refrigeration, communication – are nothing without power.  An automatic standby generator protects you from outages, restoring power within seconds of a failure, so you can have quality peace of mind and the reliable power you need.

Our lineup of Generac and Honeywell backup generators are ideal for homes of all sizes.  From 800-watts to 9-megawatts, we have the generator for your home’s individual needs. We’ll install the whole house transfer panels and switches, give you Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring, and more.

Contact Quality Heating’s NW Generator Team today and ask us how to safeguard your quality of life.

"We had lost power several times with basement flooding and loss of all our food from 2 refrigerators and a large stand-up freezer. When we decided to purchase a generator we did our homework and found that Generac was the best choice. Since our purchase about 5 years ago, we have lost power with peace of mind, knowing we were not going to go through that again."
"Had a small Generac for many years that we had to manually turn on. After getting older we decided to go whole house where it turns on automatically when power goes out and turns off when power comes back. Best investment we ever made. Now losing power is not a chore. The unit has been in place for more than 3 years and it is a dream."
"In the rainy season I don't worry about power failure disabling my sump pump. We still have heat , light, small appliances and the well pump able to run on demand. The peace of mind is priceless."
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