Tornado warning startles Kitsap County as severe weather strikes Western Washington

Residents across North Kitsap County were startled Tuesday around noon as tornado alerts triggered emergency warning sounds to cry out on smartphones across the region.

The National Weather Service advised that areas spanning Silverdale, Kingston, and North Bainbridge Island were at risk. Large waves crashed across the car lanes of the Agate Pass Bridge forcing an immediate closure.

By 12:26 p.m., the weather service sounded the “All Clear,” and the tornado warnings were cancelled. There is still the threat of severe weather this week so stay alert!”

The last time a major tornado struck Kitsap was in 2018 when an EF2 (111-135 mph) developed over Port Orchard. In 2017, an EF0 (65-85 mph) tornado hit Monroe in Snohomish County.

Tuesday’s tornado scare comes days after a waterspout moved onto land and turned into a tornado on Saturday, Nov. 6 near Vancouver B.C. Also, a tornado formed in Battle Ground, Wash. in September.

Tornadoes aren’t uncommon in Washington state. Many happen out of view. The state’s record of 14 recorded tornadoes in a year was set in 1997. Washington’s most deadly tornado struck in April 1972 when an EF3 hit Vancouver, killing six people and injuring 300.

A Home Standby Generator Can Help You Manage the Unexpected

If you have family members that rely on electricity, whether to keep them alive (such as medical devices that run on electricity) or just connected online to work or play, a standby generator can allow you to expect the unexpected.

Standby generators are guardians against power outages. When electricity is interrupted, such as during a storm or a tornado, the generator detects the problem and gets to work. The automatic transfer switch of the generator safely disconnects the utility line and transfers to generate power. Power is restored to your home within a matter of seconds. Once city utilities are restored, the generator returns to standby mode.

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