What does “Full-Service” mean to You?

Quality Heating is proud to serve the communities of the West Sound on the Olympic Peninsula as a Full-Service” Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (“HVAC”) company. What is the difference of doing business with a Full-Service HVAC solutions provider?  What difference does it make in terms of the products and services you can choose from for the comfort and safety of your home and your family?

“Full-Service” means that when you engage with Quality Heating, our services are being performed under the auspices and certification of both a licensed HVAC provider AND a licensed electrician. Think about your home’s energy requirements.  If you are like most homeowners, your power consumption is the largest utility bill you pay each month.  From furnaces and heat pumps to air conditioning, the energy that is controlling your home’s heating and cooling is being distributed by your electrical circuit panel throughout the wiring inside your home.

If your circuits should ever fail or become overloaded, if a power outage or power surge should occur, repair of your electrical system may be critical. Likewise, with natural gas, if there is a leak in the distribution piping entering your home, will the HVAC firm you choose be knowledgable, bonded and certified to provide you with the essential services to solve the problem?

Being “Full-Service” means even more than that — a lot more!

For the life-cycle of every project, a Full-Service HVAC provider like Quality Heating can deliver the following integrated services, not a piecemeal fraction, but the full-circle:

•  Free pre-sales consultation and estimating (with budgetary options).

•  Assessments of square footage and load requirements to determine proper size, power and performance.

•  Checking of all electrical circuitry and load capacity.

•  Ensuring operational safety controls.

 Checking drain lines, condensate pumps, caps and valves.

 Inspecting electrical components for signs of wear or damage and replacing to prevent sparking or failure. 

• Offering timely maintenance visits and filter updates.

• All performed by fully licensed, bonded and insured service by technicians.

We hope you will take comfort in knowing that Quality Heating is capable of responding to virtually every need that may arise in the Full-Service installation and operation of your home’s internal “climate controls.” 

As we like to say, Call on us. Count on us. We are at your service!“

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